Member Spotlight
Logan Dusseau
MAJOR: Marketing

Logan has an overall dedication to AMA, but especially when it comes to keeping up with our emails. He has been working hard behind the screen to answer questions from members. Thank you both for your hard work and keep it up!

Ryan Daughtery
MAJOR: Marketing + Sales

Thank you so much for using your wonderful graphic design skills to come up with a flier within 24 hours. Your dedication to our Fortnite fundraising really raises our spirits.

Emilee Johnson

Emilee Johnson. This wonderful new member has already been a great addition to our organization despite joinging only a few days ago. She really lit the flame of freshmen at Ignite Day and got them interested in AMA. Thank you for all your hard work and keep it up!

Laura Brink

Shoutout to Laura! In business and leadership roles, whenever we get stuck on what is expected of us, we ask!

Sara B + Trista K

Congratulations to Sara Broadbent and Trista Karson who were nominated for the Women in Bussiness Round Table!

Joey Conrad

Shout Out to Joey Conrad for taking the LinkedIn headshot pictures!