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Meetings are every Tuesday at 7pm in room 521 in the Polsky building

every major belongs in AMA

Graphic design majors encompass the many specialized areas within the visual communications field. AMA offers a sum of visual communication creation opportunities through the creation of flyers, videos, posters, and many more visuals. Graphic design majors would have a major contribution to what AMA has to offer.
Technology majors hold the special skills within the technology field. AMA offers opportunities to work with many of AMA’s clients in a real world changing environment through the creations of advanced pre development plans, website/apps AMA will give you hands on real world experience
AMA welcomes all business major because each and every major can contribute in some way. From a finance major taking the role of treasurer to an IMC major keeping track of social media accounts, AMA has many available opportunities for all business majors to contribute to bettering the organization.
Nursing majors are required to have an education in social sciences, and AMA is all about social interactions. Nursing majors could help the organization better understand social interactions on a scientific level, and allow for an improved interaction between the members of the organizations and the partners.
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